Science of Sleep

Mar 3, 2014

1/3 of the time in one's life spent in sleep.

People will die if five days without sleep.

Sleeping is the necessary process in a life, and it is an important part of the body's recovery, integration and consolidation of memory, also is a part of the health.

According to the survey of World Health Organization "WHO",  27% of people with a sleep problems.  Sponsored by the international mental health organization global sleep and health plan in 2001 launched a global campaign of March 21st each year (that is, the first day of spring) positioning "world sleep day".

Part 1 Mistake of Sleeping

1) Work over night and sleeping at weekends.

Some people like to work over night, and then go back to work on early morning.  They will sleep for several hours in weekends.  Some people will ask a question that I need 8 hours of sleep or 7 hours of sleep? Actually we don't know how many hours is good for us, but we believe that adequate sleep is beauty and beauty , so we also sleep on it for more than ten hours.

Recommend by experts : To ensure the normal sleep time

For the duration of sleep, there is no unified view.  It is different from man to man, and it  can be divided into long sleep (8 hours) and short sleep (6 hours), 4-10 hours belong to the normal range, mainly in the second day wake up full of spirit state standard.

Generally 10-18 years people need 8 hours of sleep at least every day, ; 18-50 year-old crowd, need 7 hours of sleep at least every day; ages 50-70  need 5-6 hours of sleep time every day.

Especially for the elderly, sleep quality than young people, as long as it does not affect the physical health is good.

2) Be quiet before sleep, less exercise

Some people like to do excerise at night, it will be excited to sleep.  So they think it should be keep quiet after the dinner.  Even some normal low amount of exercise also refused to participate in, come on before going to bed but not sleep.

Recommend by experts : Moderate exercise to promote sleep

Excessive exercise before bedtime, will make the brain excitement, unfavorable to improve sleep quality. But the appropriate physical exercise, can promote the secretion of the brain enough people suppress excitatory substance, promote deep sleep, quickly relieve fatigue, and thus enter benign loop. After supper slight activity can help sleep. The study found that mild exercise, such as jogging before bedtime, can promote the body temperature. Then stop when the body sweating slightly when jogging. At this time the body temperature begins to drop. Then go to bed, people will be very easy to fall into a deep sleep, so as to improve the quality of sleep.

3) Sleep on the bus and subway

Regardless of takes the subway, rides the public vehicle, as soon as so long as sits down dozes off, thought such makes up the dormancy way, both has not interfered with the work, and does not delay sleeps.

Recommend by experts : Deep sleep to get full recovery

Sleeping can be divided into "non rapid eye movement sleep" and "rapid eye movement sleep", the former can be divided into two processes - "shallow sleep" and "deep sleep" , the loop repeatedly in sleep.  People only have a few "deep sleep" in  in sleep process, can make fully eliminate fatigue. But if people sleep during a ride, sleep may be affected by various factors, shaking, light stimulation, sound effects, narrow space and so on are not easy to enter "deep sleep" state, and the rest in the "shallow sleep" state, can only make people can not be fully restored.

4) Sleep unwell, eat to fill

Some people think that sleep is not good, you eat the ginseng, pilose antler tonic, not only beneficial to improve sleep quality, and fill the well, is appropriate to reduce the sleep time, it's not a big problem.

Recommend by experts : Learn to sleep "sub afternoon nap".

American medicine Professor William Dement said: "sleep is the first line of defense against disease." He found that, as long as it's three in the morning to get up the next day, the immune system will be weakened, the protective effect of blood kill bacteria cells will also reduce 30%.  Therefore, our country folk "Proverbs eat ginseng as sleep just before dawn" quite reasonable. Chinese traditional health preserving advocate "afternoon nap". "Son" to midnight, "afternoon" is noon. The definition of "Midnight" sleep can recuperate and build up energy, while the "noon" conform to the Yang development.

Part II The importance of sleep

The importance of sleep to sum up are embodied in the following aspects:

The elimination of fatigue, restore physical strength: sleep is the main ways to eliminate body fatigue, sleep when the body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure drops, breathing and partial endocrine decrease, the metabolic rate, strength to recover.

Protect the brain, restore energy: lack of sleep, the long-term lack of sleep will lead to hallucinations. Andmorpheusenough person, energetic, quick thinking, high efficiency. This is due to the brain in the sleep state oxygen consumption greatly reduced, beneficial to brain cells store energy.

Enhancement immunity. Recovery organism: The human body in the normal condition, can produce the immune body to the invasion each kind of antigen material, but and through the immune response its elimination, protects the human body health.The sleep can strengthen organism to have the immune body ability, thus enhancement organism resistivity.

Promote the growth and development:Promotion growth growth: The child grows the growth not to be able to leave the sleep.The babies and infants after the birth in the quite long time, the cerebrum continue to grow, this process dependence sleep.  Because in the slow sleep time blood plasma growth hormone, may the consecutive number hour maintain at the high standard, therefore should guarantee child's sufficient sleep, promotes its growth growth.

Beneficial to the skin beauty: sleep in the process, the surface of the skin secretion and clearance process enhanced, capillary blood circulation increase, accelerate the regeneration of the skin, so skin beauty sleep is guaranteed.

Part III Position analysis

Good sleeping posture can give health points, bad sleeping position will damage the body organs.


60% people choose the supine sleeping position, which is the best popular doctor recommended sleep.
Advantages: Does not oppress the bodily internal organs organ.
Disadvantages: Easy to cause under the root of the tongue to fall, blocking breath.

The prone position

5% of people prone to choose, to lie down to sleep.
Advantages: sleep will feel safe, a discharge contributes to the mouth of the foreign body; a person with on lumbar good.
Disadvantages: Oppresses the heart and the lungs, affects the breath.

Lies on one's side left

Advantages:  The mild oppression causes the heart function to receive the exercise, not easy to be sick.
Disadvantages: Oppresses the heart, the stomach department, especially regarding contracts gastric disease, the acute disease of the liver, the gallstone patient not easy to use lies on one's side left.

Lies on one's side right

Advantages: Cannot oppress the heart, the sleep has the stable feeling.
Disadvantages: Right flank influence lungs movement, not suitable pulmonary emphysema patient.

Rolling up

Disadvantages: Oppresses the heart, easy to cause the blood supply insufficiency; Oppresses the lung, is sleeping the time breath to be impeded.
Should rest posture association president time oppression body one side, causes to create the second day feeling wearily to be exhausted.

Par IV

Must want to have the high quality sleep, must pay attention to following several factors;

1. Science stable biological clock: Every day punctual sleeping, gets out of bed, is not weekend exceptional, the biological clock can revolve punctually, this enhances sleep quality most essential one move.

2. Body temperature and light wave influence: After the fall of bodily temperature, sleepiness approaches immediately.Regulation of body temperature out of control then the sleep has the disorder.Front rests takes a bath or makes 20 minutes to have the oxygen movement, all conducives toward favor reduces the body temperature.The human occupies in the miscellaneous news, the time one long has then been used to this kind of environment, but can therefore reduced depth sleep time, therefore should avoid as far as possible.

The mattress important - mattress and the sleep are closely linked

With the traditional cognition different is, the mattress is by no means thicker well, but should soft hard moderate, otherwise is all influential to the shoulder and the arm, serious also can affect the lumbar vertebra health.

If the mattress too hard, the waist and the back cannot obtain balanced supporting, the spine are unable to maintain the normal radian, the shoulder and the buttocks can receive the extrusion.  If the mattress quality is not good, the spring has the deformation, can affect the health, rests the distortion mattress to be able to cause human's curvature of spine, rested for a long time has also been able to affect the blood to return to the circle, caused the human wearily easy to fall ill.