Established in Hongkong since 1966

In 1966, the predecessor of Airland was established in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, which is one year earlier than TVB to set up in November, 1967.


"Like orchid, Airland is here to pursue quality". Since 1966, every chairman of Airland will remember this sentence. 50 years of dedication, let more and more people and family know about "Airland".

No.1 brand in the industryIn Airland, no. 1 brand in the industry is not proclaimed by ourselves. But also awe to the industry quality standard and pursuit piously.

  • 2004Awarded “Exemption from inspection” certificate
  • 2002Airland Mattress was regarded as the best performer in an individual mattress study by The University of Hong Kong
  • 2001Reliable Quality, Satisfactory Service Award from China Consumer's Foundation
  • 1998ISO14001 International Environment System Certification. AIRLAND was the first mattress manufacturer to receive this outstanding award in China
  • 1997ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification
  • 1995The first Chinese mattress manufacturer to join the International Sleeping Products Association (ISPA) in United State
  • 1982Awarded “Q-mark” by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries. AIRLAND was the first Hong Kong mattress manufacturer to receive this award
The golden years such as star brightEach images, recording the Prime Minister Li Peng, governor Yoder, Indonesian Foreign Minister lady, miss Hongkong Maggie Cheung intersected with the golden years of Airland.
 Prime Minister Li Peng visited Airland Mattress in 1989
 Hong Kong Governor Youde visited Airland in Year 1985
 Miss Maggie Cheung visited Airland in Year 1985