Skincare Fabric

  • Natural silk ticking provides the luxurious sleep with breathable and smooth fabric.
  • Anti-stress Smart FabricThe Italy-designed and imported mattress with new technology, Anti-Stress Smart. The body pressure can be released when lying on the mattress.
  • Suprelle Fresh¨ ticking is made of Suprelle and Tencel, It is an association of two complementary fibres It provides a perfect outstanding moisture and air circulation. Achieve superior breathability and quick drying.
  • Combined bamboo fibre That incorporates the identity of natural, anti-bacteria and promotes the minus ions reaction
  • Sleep Spa ticking Contains natural protein which is moisturizing, skin caring and tightening.
  • The organic fibre Selects the organic cotton to manufacture without pesticide and agricultural chemicals, which is soft, comfortable and would not cause the skin allergy.

100% pure natural latex

Each Airland beddings were collected from at least 132 of high-quality’s rubber tree.

Not all of the latex mattresses are called natural latex. Airland mattresses always use the natural fragrance latex which imported from South Asia.

Patented Cosiflex® Spring System

  • 200,000 Times
    Durability test results show no deformation, no broken spring
  • 2.3mm
    The wire diameter of special steel wire support structure, human comfort sleep system
  • 0 Tie a knot
    The uniquely design of open-ended individual coils can detect and gives overall comfort support
  • 6,000,000 dollars
    Asia's only a Swiss spring manufacturing equipment and provide the limited production
  • 1800~1900 Mpa
    Durability of Wire. Steel wire  tensile  strength,  can carry the weight  of more than 600kg .
  • 99% rebound rate
    Zero collapse, high resiliency for better support and spine alignment

Quality Guarantee

  • Quality inspection data of global publicity
    Every Airland mattress has a lifelong "Quality ID card".
    Every Airland mattress, the measured data will be higher than the national standard for "water mark". And seal on the bottom of mattress.
  • Three quality supervision system
    To ensure that the product stability and sustainability.
    Awarded “Q-mark” by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries. Airland was the first Hong Kong mattress manufacturer to receive this award.
  • The insurance industry pioneer mattress
    Airland is the first home purchase insurance mattress brand in Chinese Home Furnishing industry.
    We can't stop the natural accident. But we bought a safe insurance of every Airland mattress.

Manufacturing of precipitation

  • Produce more than 20000000 pieces of high quality mattress for global supply.
  • Product durability test, pass through an 800000 time pressure which is 10 times higher than the national standard.
  • The global distribution of production base of 2000000 square meters.
  • 6000000 Dollars of import equipment in Asia, and have a limited production.
  • Manufactured using a spring steel wire length of about 7600000 km, equivalent to 20back and forth from the earth to the moon.