Group Introduction

AIRLAND - a union of AIR and EARTH, a symbol of everlasting harmony.

Under this philosophy, AIRLAND strives to “provide consumers with the most comfortable, healthy and highest quality bedding products”. This goal is achieved through designing and manufacturing elegant and comfortable household products for individuals who desire for a quality lifestyle. By enjoying the benefits of a good quality sleep every night; nature and daily life come together in everlasting accord.

Founded in Hong Kong in 1966 amidst 40 years of hard work and dedication, the company’s scope of operations has successfully expanded from solely manufacturing and sales of household products (mainly mattresses) to developer, property management, power station and toys manufacturing. AIRLAND is now a multi-facet corporation.

Maintaining our motto “Quality makes the Brand, Technology makes the Future”. AIRLAND continues to produce and supply quality mattresses, bedding products and premium household products. Our hard work has paid off! AIRLAND is now a renowned brand national wide achieving many firsts in production, sales and profits. The brand is enjoying popularity among consumers not just in Hong Kong and South East Asia but also Europe and the United States. The high quality of our products has earned us recognition from many governments and authorities. As early as 1982, AIRLAND was the first mattress manufacturer in the industry to receive “Q-mark” Award from the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, going on to receiving ISO9004, ISO14001, Superbrands, National Inspection-free Quality Certification and others. The results speak for themselves.