Wellness Series


In-cottonNatural organic cotton material

  • Natural organic cotton material, dry, anti-allergic, comfort.
  • Natural Latex with high resiliency for better support and spine alignment and outstanding in ventilation.
  • Eco-friendly cotton stabilized layers and springs.
  • Additional supporters keep the spine in the natural shape.
  • 7-zone spring system provides full coverage in support while adapt to the natural curves of the body.
  • Arc-shpaed corners protect from crashing.
  • Modern desogn anti-dustmite, anti-bacteria, anti-mould leather surroundings.
  • Double side design with different softness options.

VITALITYImported High quality European Mattress Cover

  • It is specially made of combined bamboo fiber that incorporates the identity of natural, anti-bacteria and promotes the minus ions reaction. All these features are combining to create an extremely positive effect on body circulation and perfect pressure relief, which brings you a healthy sleeping experience and harmonious sense of living.
  • Natural Latex
    Natural Latex can lead to high resiliency for better support and spine alignment.
  • Patented OxyFoam™
    Patented OxyFoam™ is a special design for Southern China Region. Each piece of Oxyfoam™ contains over 8000 tiny air holes which enhances air ventilation for a fresher and healthier sleep.
  • Patented Cosiflex® Spring System
    Cosiflex® Spring System the uniquely design of open-eneded individual coils can detect and response to the pressure changes. This wire gives overall comfort support and well suitable to most body figures.


  • Eco-Fresh - “Suprelle Fresh” ticking is made of Suprelle and Tencel, It is an association of two complementary fibres.
  • Provide an perfect outstanding moisture and air circulation
  • Establish a superior breathability and quick drying
  • European Fibre Technology
  • Soft - Supreme soft and fine ticking
  • Environmental friendly - Natural fibres environmental friendly and awarded EU-ECO LABEL
  • Support - Patented Cosiflex Spring System-the uniquely design of open-ended individual coils can detect and response pressure changes during the night. 2.1mm steel wire gives overall comfort support; it is well suitable to most body figures.
  • Comfort - Ultra-cushioning layers provide ultimate sleeping comfort