Ultra Slim Series

More than 2,000 five-star hotels worldwide common choice!

SmileyUltra slim and healthy comfort

  • High quality organic knit fabric provides extra softness, comfort and reduce skin irritation of chemicals.
  • Patented Orthofoam™ - for better and proper spinal alignment.
  • Slim Mattress designed for space saving.
  • Cotton pad - effectively prevent upholsteries fall into the mattress cores.
  • Five-Zone spring system - Extra firm steel coils located in specific zones of the mattress which provides a balanced support in accordance with the normal boday weight distribution.

Chocolate Rain

  • DuPont™Tyvek®Waterproof Cover- excellent water, mold and mildew resistant. Enhances mattress ventilation for better sleep environment
  • The Detachable Cover - is specially designed for children and elderly. The cover can be easily removed to be cleaned. It ensures your family to sleep on a clean mattress.
  • Extra mattress cover is available for purchase separately
  • Durable 2.1mm Bonnel Coil System - provides better and proper spinal alignment
  • Protective border support system - provides firmer support for the seating edges
  • Cotton Pad - Cotton infill provides extra comfort and soft feeling on the mattress

BearUltra slim design caters for different living environment.

  • Tempered steel spring system, ideal for young children.
  • Damask ticking with cutie design.
  • Ticking treated with anti-dustmite, anti-bacteria, anti-mould which prevents the key cause of allergies and asthma and complied with BS7177:1996 domestic flame retardant standard.